Arcade - Beer - Grilled Cheese

Arcade - Beer - Grilled Cheese

Who are we?

MacFly Bar Arcade
422 rue Caron
(418) 528-7000
MacFly Bar Arcade is the first bar arcade to open its doors in Québec in January 2014. Located in the city of Québec, the company's mission is to offer accessibility to retrogaming in a healthy environment through microbrewery and the free collection of ancient pieces of arcades and vintages pinballs.


Mon 3 pm-3 am
Tue 3 pm-3 am
Wed 3 pm-3 am
Thu 3 pm-3 am
Fri 3 pm-3 am
Sat 3 pm-3 am
Sun 3 pm-3 am


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MacFly Bar Arcade
422 rue Caron
Lower Town (Quartier St-Roch)
Quebec, QC, G1K 3B1
(418) 528-7000
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(418) 528-7000
Mon: 3 pm-3 am
Tue: 3 pm-3 am
Wed: 3 pm-3 am
Thu: 3 pm-3 am
Fri: 3 pm-3 am
Sat: 3 pm-3 am
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